Sustainability Centre & Business Manager, West Suffolk College
Chloe is the business and network face of the Sustainability Centre and has responsibility for the creation and development of the Centre. One of her main roles is supporting SME's across New Anglia in adopting sustainability into their business models, as well as supporting and advising the college itself to embed sustainability from an institutional perspective. She has also been working to create a network in this sector globally, collating resources and case studies from external streams and from businesses she works with.

Before joining West Suffolk College, Chloe started her journey with a BA in fashion with international placements where her eyes were open to fast fashion, injustice, and climate impact. This was then followed by her MADes in delving into sustainable and ethical materials/brand research along with producing her on jewellery range made from reused glass, metals and hemp in 2018. She has worked with start-ups, international NGO's and academic institutions influencing social and environmental factors. At the end of 2020, Chloe also started her own online business called Sanana to show the life of products within a supply chain. This is now developing into an education-based platform.