About Low Carbon Homes

Domestic property energy consumption equates to 14% of UK carbon emissions. 

Low Carbon Homes exists to reduce this impact and highlight the wider social and economic benefits of retrofitting existing housing.  We are a nationwide market-led membership platform for professionals and suppliers to learn, share and showcase best-practice. We aim to unpack the complexities of retrofit-at-scale, reduce confusion and promote action. 

Unlike centrally-funded programmes, the agenda for Low Carbon Homes is set collaboratively by regional stakeholders - connecting all involved. 

Our independent approach results in community-led retrofit action plans that support zero-carbon ambitions, reduce fuel poverty and stimulate local low-carbon economies. 

The Team

The Low Carbon Homes team is built on the world-class event delivery experience and environmental passion of directors Graham Lock and Sophie Lock, enhanced by deep collaborations with a strong network of environmental, technical and marketing associates.

Our approach is very collaborative, so if you’d like to work with us or have ideas for potential collaborations please just get in touch.

Tom Beckett
Consultant Associate
Alex King
Journalist Associate
Graham Lock
Founder and MD
Sophie Lock
Director, Events and Comms
Mrs. Heather Oliver
Systems Associate
Stacey Pengelly
Exhibitor Success Associate
Kirsty Shanahan
Marketing Associate
Dill the Dog
Head of Barketing