Mr. Andrew Partington

Head or Partnerships, NetRet Group
Mr. Andrew Partington
NetRet stands as a unique entity in the Retrofit sector, as a TrustMark Scheme provider as well as supporting Publicly Available Specification (PAS) certification with a portfolio of accreditation training for vocational competence. NetRet offers a unique blend of comprehensive training and vocational skills to retrofit personnel, ensuring alignment with industry standards set by TrustMark and PAS.

NetRet has proven its capability in creating a robust talent pipeline, actively recruiting from untapped sources like the unemployed and individuals with transferable skills. Moreover, it provides Digital Solution strategies, serving as a one-stop solution for contractors aiming for quality and compliance.

The organisation also engages with the social housing sector and governmental agencies, providing strategic advice and commercial solutions to meet stringent targets and funding requirements.

In essence, NetRet sets the benchmark for quality and compliance in the Retrofit sector through its focus on TrustMark and PAS accreditation, workforce development, and strategic collaborations.